How do you think will ship, SRV, and infantry combat will work? How do you think it *should* work?

So here's the deal I am very excited for this update. As soon as they mentioned that ships would still receive VR support, I finally started paying attention to Odyssey.

I play this game by and large just to pilot the ships and I don't expect that to change for Odyssey, so my question is, since they're talking about their combat gameplay triangle involving ships, SRVs, and infantry commanders simultaneously, I have to ask how on earth this will work.

I'm just imagining an infantry commander pointing their weapon (it could even be a rocket launcher) at a Federal Corvette and even with the absolute best weapons that can be equipped on the ground, it should not be able to do much to any of the large (or even some tankier medium ships, for that matter) considering the types of weapons they already sustain fire from in dogfights.

Then, I'm just imagining that same Federal Corvette deploying their x2 huge beam lasers, multicannons, or what have you and obliterating that infantry commander in the blink of an eye…. as it should by all realistic expectations.

Hell, even defense turrets in these ships are incredibly easy to take down.

Idk, I just don't understand how they are going to accomplish this without:

  1. The ships being massively overpowered


  1. The infantry weapons somehow gaining absurd and unrealistic damage buffs against ships and the ships' weapons being penciled in as ineffective against infantry for some reason that cannot be explained


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