How do you win as imposter if the crew do this?

Scenario: 10 players, 2 imposters

The players splits into two groups of 5 before the game starts while in the dropship, which I'll call team A and team B.

Team A goes as a group to lights. At lights, they stand very close to each other but not on top of each other, so that they can see if anyone in the group kills anyone else, even if the lights go down. If the lights ever go down, their job is to fix them extremely quickly. If there is a non-lights emergency, team A moves out as a group to fix it. Then they move back to lights.

Team B goes off to do tasks. They all travel as a group all watching each other. At any given point, 1 person is doing a task, while the other 4 keep watch. They continue going round the map until everyone in the group has done all their tasks. If the lights go down, then they all huddle together where they can all see each other and stop moving until team A has fixed them.

Once team B has done all their tasks, then the teams switch – team A do all their tasks while team B stands guard at lights and fixes emergencies.

  • If the imposters are in different teams and one of them kills, then there are 4 eyewitnesses who can immediately report the body and get them ejected.

  • If the imposters are in the same team and try to double-kill, there is always 1 survivor who can report the bodies. This means that the 5 in the other team are hard-cleared. And then the 5 cleared people can win the 5v2.

  • If the imposters try to leave their team, then there are at least 3 eyewitnesses who can claim they left and therefore get them ejected at the next meeting.

So as imposter, how the hell do you win the game when this happens?


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