How does one overcome the “gear fear”?

In the beginning of my Tarkov days, I grew accustomed to the Scavvy boi ways. I was too afraid to run a raid as PMC with my hard earned AK-74M and PBS suppressor that I looted in raid as a Scavvy boi.
The hours began to pour out of my life and into the unforgiving world of Tarkov, and the stash began to grow full of mediocre gear. I had refused to hatchet run, and I seldom ran a raid with said mediocre gear as my PMC.
Finally, with all the gear I hadn't sold to flea market or traders I had decided it was finally time to man up and risk the losses. "Well, if I take the best stuff I will probably have better chance of survival". WRONG! 1 tapped in the head by what sounds like a TT from 420 km away
As we all experience devastating moments like this, gear fear starts to strike us again. I have learned that its typically best to run raids with mostly decent guns and gear, and to not go overboard on spending. The world of Tarkov is truly UNFORGIVING.
How does/have the Tarkov community overcome their gear fear?
What kits do you typically use for a PMC raid?
(This is merely a discussion in hopes to share some strategies and hopefully help out some of the new guys)


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