How fast is a fast ship?

Hi 🙂
I’m fairly new to this and wanna do the Han Solo thing, so, mostly running around doing some light crime, and so I want a Millenium Falcon-style ship that’s not overly big, tough, or hard-hitting, but can run away from basically anything, which in ED terms means I want to be able to boost away from most threats and high wake out.

Right now I’ve got a mostly A-rated cobra that’s lightly engineered (still figuring out how engineering works tbh) and gets to about 460m/s normal and 510 boost – as I understand it that’s faster than pretty much anything that’s not engineered, but a lot slower than the max with engineering?

So my question is, how fast does a ship have to be to be considered “fast” and outrun the majority of other ships, player or NPC? I know there’s always gonna be faster ships but I’d like to have something that’s quick enough to be reasonably confident of getting away from a threat before exploding.


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