How Good Should I Be Before I Play Ranked?

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

In the 5 ranked games that I've played, 1 thing has made itself very clear: I'm not ready for ranked. I actually won most of them, but let's just say "my teams won most of them" is a more accurate statement. How experienced/skilled should I be before I hop into ranked? Right now I'm working on playing 1 match with every hero, just finished my first lone druid game and did surprisingly well(considering), getting something like 2/7/7. It seems like I'm constantly feeling better than unranked players, but a lot worse than ranked. I'm in between and it's making for some interesting gameplay experiences, like me having to coach 90% of my teammates on things like: farm priority, stacking, pulling, proper warding, actually buying wards(one of them didn't know that observers were free I think cuz he said "I'm gonna get my early items first, np", proper itemization/skill builds, drafting, you name it. But as soon as I try to escape from the sniper pos 5s and drow ranger offlaners, as soon I try to play ranked, 0/11/11. OUCH. Any ideas on general goals to reach before I play ranked?


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