How have you felt about the STW Starter Pack Characters?

As a 2018 Founder, I’ve really found no reason to purchase any of the STW starter packs. The characters have been cool, but as someone who does not play Stw as much anymore, I don’t feel like collecting all the heroes anymore. The outfits for use in both modes have been nice, but honestly, I think I would have rather had the bots as pets akin to Claptrap or Rocket Raccoon. Seeing them in these humanoid forms gives me a weird form of uncanny valley.

That being said, the upcoming Lars pack has piqued my interest. I’m shocked at how good this refreshed look for Lars is, and I’m surprised at how nostalgic it has made me feel for a game that I played frequently quite recently. I may actually pick up my first starter pack for Lars alone despite being a Founder.

What are your thoughts on starter packs, in particular the heroes and outfits included? The fact that they are behind an additional paywall, with no discount for Founders, is quite insulting. But we have all discussed that many times over. Here, I just want to hear people’s thoughts on the actual content of the packs.


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