How I ask my friend for a body run

Dearest Tweak,

I write you on this dreadful night because I have lost all hope. I seem to be in an endless loop of cold and death. In my nightmares all I see is ice shard hurtling towards me and then I wake up in bed, as if nothing happened. Yet all my clothes and gear are gone…. not unlike that morning after I drank too much ale in the tavern. Here is the tale of my nightmares. I hope that by writing you I can break the cycle.

As soon as I awaken I eat some food, put on some old threads from my younger adventuring days and head to a portal. This portal is called TEMP – not unlike this life it seems. It seems in a previous life or dream I summoned a God. I was ill prepared to face this God even though I had a hearty meal, potions and the finest weapons and gear I could make (and that's saying something as I am a great blacksmith and armorer) I attempted to fight this beast but soon ran out of arrows. I ran towards my portal only for my path to be blocked by a human sized wolf! As I ran toward my shelter I was hit by a great blast of ice and everything went black.

Again, I woke up in bed.

I attempted to return to that place only to be killed again, and the portal destroyed. There was another portal nearby I had hoped to use to sneak back to my corpse but she found me again and again. There seems to be nothing I can do, as I step into her realm she appears and kills me. Is this all a dream? Is this just fantasy? (caught in a landslide, no escape from reality)

Please save me, my dearest Tweak, you are my only hope.

– C


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