how i made more money than i know what to do with #knowledgeispower

I see a lot of threads about people struggling with this game and I've had the opposite experience.

It's certainly not because I'm good at first person shooters, probably the opposite. I do however have a special set of skills that I've acquired (queue "Taken" meme) after playing countless games that have community markets(flea market). I've applied those skills to Tarkov, and because of the intricate trading system that BSG has layed out have been largely successful.

Now there are currently holy wars being fought over the game's economy. I for one love the current status quo, I love the changes they make in game constantly, I think it keeps you on your toes. I love the dynamic feel of the economy. But I also realize I'm in the top 1%.

So this post is kind of 2 fold. I want to share with folks how I've gotten rich, at least an introductory guide. I'll post my youtube video at the end.

But more importantly, I want to highlight that ultimately what allowed me to get rich in this game. It's how every other person in this game is successful. Knowledge. The old adage knowledge is power is echoed by everyone in this community Nikita included(he said so in a podcast).
Regardless of what you may or may not think is unfair in this game, no one can disagree that knowing more will hurt you. And I think that's what we all love about this game and come back to, we all like to learn and get better. It's kind of human nature to.

Anyways, if you're struggling with this game, hopefully this video can help. But the bottom line of this post. Go learn.

(Apologize in advance for quality, my first game youtube video)


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