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Hello everyone!

I want to tell you my story. One year ago I got interested in different games and started playing Dota2 myself. I've watched a few guides, videos on how to play, many streams. But I didn't feel that I really improved my skills, so I came up with an idea of a service which could help beginner players improve their skills, and high ranked players earn money or get new skins and items from training lower ranks!

I found guys who have agreed to help me with the development of such a service and now we have started the recruitment of alpha testers for our project! It called Agora Game Community. Here is our website – .

To sum up, this is a platform, where gamers can boost their skill by playing with higher rank players. If boost isn't for you, you can play with lower ranks for skins, items, or any other gaming content.

I will be very grateful if you go to the website and rate it or give a feedback! Feedback is very important for us now so that we can make a really useful product and help gaming community!

I just want to get some feedback from you, guys. I hope I won't offend anyone with my messageā€¦


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