How is Factory labeled as “easy”? It’s basically high level pvp playground

Honestly don't understand how it's the only map that's supposed to be "easy". New players like me might actually believe that. For me at least, the style of play possible on other maps, that is sneaky, on look out for enemies, going for loot, is completely out of question on Factory. If you cant do the close quarters Tarkov dance – strafe, shoot, sprint, grendades, peak, flank, you are dead within 30 seconds. This map is basically a CoD arena, but with insane Tarkov difficulty.

And don't get me stared on spawning within 15 m from another player in the dead end spawn. 1 second in, you hear sprinting, 3 seconds in, grenade is in your face and the only option is to die or run out into the preaimed player. Whoever thought of that briliant spawn place deserves a medal. I would never take any gear like armor or helmet into Factory, because I know there's about 90 % chance I will be back in the menu within 30 seconds. I wonder what is "easy" on this map?


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