How is such a massive influence jump possible in a short amount of time? (screenshot)

I've come across this system called Bediae, where the controlling faction is a player faction, according to Inara its supported by 69 squadron and 40 individual commanders. The other faction is a non-player faction and is supported by 0 squadron and 13 individual commanders.

Now take a look at this screenshot

The non-player faction jumped from 5.3% on March 2nd to 41.1% on March 13th. Now, even if the player faction did this with its 69/40 players against a non-player-supported faction, it would take a grind if I'm correct.

How was Ix Purple Comms able to do this against a massive player faction? And in just 11 days.

To be clear I'm not part of either faction, I just randomly found this system and I'd like to know Ix Purple Comms' secret. Whatever those few players supporting it did, was extremely effective. And I mean nuclear effective.

From time to time I do take part in system flipping efforts and I'd like to know how they did it this so easily. And yes I already tried the "accept missions and fail them tactic" that doesn't really work.

Even grinding all day, the best result I ever reached was a 2.5% drop in controlling faction influence.


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