How… just how is VR performance so bad in Odyssey?

What on the graphical side changed so drastically from Horizons to Odyssey to cause this?! Running IDENTICAL settings from Horizons to Odyssey can see as much as an 80% reduction in fps (running mix of high/med).

H = Horizons – O = Odyssey

Flying around in space near planet or station = H: 85-90 O: 30-40 (very unstable)

Landing/Landed inside stations = H:45-55 O: 12-20

Asteroid field/Mining = H: 60-75 fps O: Fucking unplayable

Keep in mind ALL graphic settings (including VR settings) are identical between the two versions. I triple checked to make sure nothing changed. What the hell is going on Devs? How can a game running on the exact same engine be so fucked from DLC to DLC? I have to drop to .5 rendering for Odyssey to even be a playable/stable frame rate, which is an unplayable resolution because it suddenly looks like pixel art, or switch back to my monitor. Please, if anyone knows something I dont, please let me know, but as of now Odyssey is a stuttery mess and is unplayable at an acceptable quality.

2700x @ 4.1GHz

1080ti @ 2011MHz

16GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz

Oculus Quest 2 @ 90Hz 0.9 Scaling 2784×1408, HMD set to 2.0 in game, SteamVR set to 100%


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