How many people have used Ghost Asteroids to their advantage?

I am raising my hand. You just can't see me. Worked better than I could have expected.

I noticed when I died in Polus and did asteroids, everyone who ran by ran into the room to see who was doing asteroids. So it got me thinking that I could use that to my advantage as an imposter. The first time I was imposter after, I didn't need to. No one sussed me. Even though I am not all that familiar with the map and I suck at it. The crew voting out 3 innocent people sure helped.

But the second time I DID get sussed, not because I did anything to get caught. But because I was lost as hell and no one saw me for entire rounds. I managed to survive the round where several people used process of elimination to think it may be me, but not enough to vote me out. I also said "Ghosts, do your tasks" during that discussion which could have given me away, but I figured it was a public lobby, so it was worth the risk to make it more likely that one would do asteroids. So I ran straight to just outside Weapons and waited until I saw the weapons firing. Then I ran inside and stood by the console. Sure enough, three crewmates came in. Two left as soon as they saw me. The third stayed and motioned for me to follow. So I did. And killed them when we got far enough away from weapons to throw people off.

The first thing the body reporter said was "So we vote out blue?" and the other first two jumped to my defense saying they saw me do asteroids. And concluded it had to be a self report. It was 4 on 1 at that point. So we voted out the one who reported it. But it gets better. I then killed the one person left that didn't see me do asteroids. (Or didn't think they saw me.) I didn't want to since I wanted the other one to be voted out. But the task bar was filling up and I had to try to get two quick kills. But it got reported. But the two who saw me turned on each other and were fighting for my vote!

Oh man the lobby was PISSED in between games after that one! One thought I was hacking to be able to do visuals as imposter. But the ghost admitted that they were doing asteroids when it all happened.

I can't wait to do it again!


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