How much engagement “should” the average Tarkov player be involved in?

It’s just something that has crossed my mind over the year or so I’ve been playing/been on this subreddit. People argue all the time about play styles and mechanics etc but I think a big question we’ve never asked is how much combat “should” an average player being going through.

Assuming a PMC doesn’t purpose go after or avoid combat, I’ve always wondered what the ideal amount of engagements with AI or PMC’s should be. Sometimes I feel like some maps are much too barren. I travel miles to shoot a couple of scavs and maybe if we’re lucky I’ll run into a PMC who was after those same two scavs.

Maybe this will change when scav spawns become less predictable but I’ve found it interesting how so many people feel the need to “chase” shots on some maps because of how difficult it is to find combat if you’re late to the party. It’s one of the things that makes late spawns frustrating. If you come too late, the game is mostly over.


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