How Much Longer Until Report Function?

Seriously, I'm tired of my squad spawning into customs, three people die to 3 shots instantly in the head, top of head, and then as the last person I run into customs the guys charges me and head shots me. Its such blatant cheating and its so common.

Sure its not literally every match, but its common enough that I can't go 4 games without at least one instance of one or more people dying to unheard unseen fully automatic fire to the dome in a single burst. Or worse, someone whos running full speed shooting while sprinting, or someone who peeks perfectly 4 people in dorms who are peeking out of order and from different places, or never being able to enter labs because every gun fight ends in 2 shots.

The most frustrating part, is its common enough that I can get 3 games in a row, just die instantly to complete bullshit.

It would be at least maybe just a tiny bit even a little acceptable, is the time to kill in the game wasn't 0, literally 0. Usually, you're dead before you know you're in combat. The rate at which the game provides feedback about the beginning of a fight, is in many cases literally less that the rate at which you die. The fair fights, the ones where the guy isn't cheating aren't even fun usually. Oh I killed him instantly, sweet, fun game. Oh he killed me instantly, cool, fun game. Oh wow, Mosin. Fun. Guess I won't be looting today.

But its not. The game has three dimensions along which the gameplay emerges.

  1. Gunplay, and shooting mechanical skill
  2. Tactics, positioning and stealth
  3. Resource management

The first one has been butchered, and the last two wipes have veered wildly between 2 people in the best armor put four mags of the best ammo into each other and their guns were basically just lasers, all the way to helmets are useless and so is most armor, no need for utility just a tube from which at least one bullet can exit. I'm really glad much of this has been sacrificed on the altar of making "more viable playstyles". Congratulations, more kinds of weapons are "viable" without the "overdue" reliance on secondary mechanics. Thats sure turned out to be fun and interactive. I'm really glad that all those other guns have been brought in line to be similarly effective in the aggregate. It totally doesn't result in unfun and unengaging playstyles that are overrewarded because many of the weak spots in the usage of many platforms have been patched up so they can run alongside weapons with a flatter risk reward curve, completely independent of any acknowledgement of how secondary circumstances can provide those previously noncompetitive platforms with tremendous niche power. Why impose the burden of playing within a niche on a niche weapon? Stupid question, just make it a one shot kill so that if they do get in a close quarters engagement, they can always roll the dice on living anyway even though they should be punished for failing to accomplish the secondary requirements to gain the niche power involved in sniping.

The second is totally ruined by the cheaters. Why sneak around and think when someone can see you through the walls and bushes anyway. ha ha ha ha.

The third is the only thing tarkov does a good job of, but the rest of the unrewarding horseshit you have to wade thorough to even experience this isn't worth it. I'll go play Stardew at this rate.

Fix your fucking game


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