How NG patch notes should have been like.

witcher gwent cards

-Assassination ability changed to "damage an enemy unit by 5,if there is no unit adjacent to it, damage it by 6 instead".

-Imperial Diplomacy ability changed to "create and play a bronze card from your opponent's starter deck"

-Stefan Skellan ability changed to" deploy: if the last tactic you played this round was bronze, gain Zeal ,Order: create and play a copy of the last tactic you played this round and give it doomed".

"a second idea is to give him zeal if your starting deck have at least 12 tactics, to push you into playing wholesome enslave, with no Ball"

-Vrygheff power changed from 3 to 4, ability change to" Deploy(melee): trigger the deploy abilities of two allied bronze soldiers, Deploy(ranged): trigger the deploy ability on an allied soldier "

-Tibor ability changed to "Deploy: your opponent summon there top unit in there deck to a random allied raw, if you control at least 6 soldiers cancel the deploy ability"(soldiers need some big plays)

-Alba pikeman ability changed to" Deploy: gain armor equal to the number of adjacent soldiers, melee: at the end of your turn damage a random enemy unit in the melee raw by 1, barricaded: damage a random enemy unit by 1 instead.

-Albrich provisions changed from 7 to 6.

CDPR we don't want to play Ball in every deck just for it to be viable, enslave ball, assimilate ball, spies ball, solders ball, Ball etc.


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  • Gabriele Willett 06.04.2021 in 09:53

    Hey There, ce fai maci ?

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