How not to drag the game longer than what it should be

DOTA 2 Guides

yeah this is the game I'm talking about

I ask this question before and try to do whatever everybody told me to do

As a luna, I tried my best to control the game (and honestly it's not hard)

However, the hardest part is how to destroy their rax without waiting for too many RS

My build was wraith band -> stick -> madness mask -> tread -> SY (17') -> BKB (22') -> EOS (27') -> satanic (36') -> Butterfly (40') -> Mjollnir (50')

We took rs at 31', 45', 57'

And yeah Idk what happened or what I did wrong in play style or building item that took me almost an hour to finish the game, and even have to build Mjollnir to fight against PL.

Any suggestion? Appreciate!


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