How should the movement ln Tarkov be?

Whenever I get back to Squad after playing Tarkov for a long time, one of the things I notice is how easily I die when running and sprinting and how Easily I kill someone who is running. And I noticed that the odds of survival are much higher when you are concealed and stationary. You obviously have to switch position once in a while.

It’s such a stark difference to Tarkov. In Tarkov I have to spam strafe and good luck killing a guy from a far with a scope. You miss the first shot and your enemy will just dodge bullets as he is running. So in Tarkov being stationary means death.

The lack of inertia makes desync much worse because lack of inertia allows us to exploit desync. If there was inertia then you wouldnt check corners with confidence because the moment you try to strafe, you leave a huge opening to your enemy.

Part of me hates this but part of me asks myself if I really want the movement to be more like Squad? More grounded? I feel the lack of inertia has become so ingrained with us that I feel like the game would become a huge campfest. Maybe Tarkov needs to be fast pace due to the nature of the game.

What do you guys think?


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