How the hell am I even meant to play solo queue?

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I'm trying to think my way around making this sound like anything other than blaming my teammates for losses but the past few WEEKS have been just beyond awful. Every single game has the exact same pattern UNLESS we are stomping from minute one. Doesn't matter if I myself do well, okay, bad, or horrible. The exact same pattern plays out game after game and there is nothing I can do about it.

The moment the game goes anything other than smoothly, the moment we actually have a bit of resistance, or the moment where two bad things happen in a row. A core/support will single out a support/core and flame them for being useless, having shit farm, not warding, etc. The recipient will retaliate and flame back. The two of them soon have a meltdown and we are playing two players down because they have given up. Every single game. I have zero input into this, and it plays out without failure every game that is not a stomp. We can dominate 2/3 lanes, and the two who went into the slightly lost lane will completely lose their minds and flame each other for the rest of the game.

What the fuck am I meant to do? It's terrible but I'm almost thinking if the only valid move is to pick a side and join the flaming in hopes that at least the guy whose side I've chosen will keep playing.


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