How to avoid being dragged into a bad fight by your team?

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Hey, guys. (Pls note that, same question can ask somebody whom I've dragged into a bad fight, I do it too.)I've noticed that, I mostly know that a move is a mistake, before I've done it and it yielded a bad result for our team. I just do it ,as if I'm not in control of the situ, but rather "in a small canoe in a violent river stream". Here I would like to ask you about a specific situations, like doing such crude mistakes, when it seems to me ,that my team starts progressing towards it. Like, for example: "I know we can't initiate a fight, before we see wyvern(she was even core) , because she consistently counter initiates with the Curse, and wins fights. But my initiator doesn't want to listen, and I know he wouldn't because he showed his attitude towards me and others earlier. So, what should I do when he starts this fight, drags other teammates into it, but no wywern seen on map,and the enemies are gathered. I clearly had a good position to both tp out unseen, and connect to the fight quickly. I joined the fight, because it seems that they will all die deffinetely without me (pos 1 + late game),but with me there are slight chances of enemy making mistake. P.S. we lost that fight and the game.". What should've done? Am I just a pussy and a human pleaser , that I don't follow my vision of the game, and follow what they say? Is it better for 4 of them to die for 100%?


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