How to balance Marci without completely ruining her

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

  • Nerf her 2nd skill’s range and rescale her lvl 15 talent from +200 range to lvl 10 +100 range, or nerf her skill -100 range and leave the talent as it is, and add Dispose at lvl 10 talent from +0.75 seconds to +0.50 seconds – Don’t make people pick between 2 skill talents at lvl 15, the standart should be a skill buff or stats buff for every talent

  • Add a cast point and sound queue to her 2nd spell, similar to Techies’ mines and Monkey’s Primal Spring – It is way too OP right now when she comes out of nowhere and stuns you in a millisecond, you don’t have time to react

  • Rework her Sidekick Lifesteal. % Lifesteal is way too OP, 50% maxed or 100% Lifesteal with the lvl 25 talent – make it fix lifesteal instead similar to the Possesed Mask rework, which went from 7% Lifesteal to 7HP Lifesteal per attack.

  • Nerf her ult. The most important part of all, right now she deals AOE damage and AOE slow every time she finishes an interval of her ult, which is incredibly unbalanced. A suggestion I thought of was too increase the interval she cannot attack from 0.5 seconds to 0.75 seconds aswell as remove the AOE slow completely to leave only the AOE damage. – Bonus suggestion: Replace the lvl 25 Silence ult talent to a slightly bigger AOE + added the original slow.

I know all my suggestions might not be the greatest but feel free to give me some feeback.


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