How to convince your team to ward or gank?

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How do you get your team to ward when the supports don't want to? Or get everyone to gank a Dusa early?

We ended up pretty much losing this game to Dusa that out farmed everyone. I played as the Lina. At the 10 minute mark, I was ahead of Dusa by a couple hundred gold (after ganking side lane while Dusa just farmed triangle) and our unconventional pos3 Mirana also won her lane.

In the end, we had no solutions to Dusa. Sven couldn't do anything after Dusa got skadi and the game went down hill pretty quickly whenever Dusa showed up. Since no one wanted to ward after I asked several times with chat wheel, I wasted a lot of time placing wards down. I even tried to call smokes, but it didn't seem to have made a difference. When your teammates don't seem coordinate and synergize, is it possible to turn a game around when you're against a super HC like Dusa?


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