How to deal with sniper/Puck as Crystal Maiden? (I die from 1 crit + ulti)

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  1. I tried ghost scepter vs sniper but he hit me once with crit and then ulti me and I died.
  2. I could not ulti him because he just used hurricane pike on me. even pa/sven are much easier to handle than a sniper for me. (all melee heroes are easier then sniper).
  3. I cant even frost bite him because his range is more than me even with Aether lens. I have to use ghost before I come to disable him otherwise I die on the way. If he noticed me I cant catch him due to shrapnel and he is faster than me. If does not notice me and I successfully disable him my team still ignores him and I die after disable expires.

Not sure how to deal with that.

also how to deal with puck? I die too fast vs him even with ghost/glimmer.

I wish CM can gain some little armor with level ups maybe +1 agi gain so that she doesnt die 1 hit at lvl 30. any reason why sniper must have higher armor than CM?


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