How to find people to play DOTA2 with?

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I've played DOTA2 for 9 months and 2470 matches, I've tried asking on reddit, facebook, twitch, discord, twitter, irc, even 4chan, but have not been able to find people to paly with, so far. Every now and then there have been a couple of individuals sending some kind of message, but for the majority of the time, although I have posted say on 5 different facebook groups that I'm looking for someone to play with, typically there have been 0 answers to any of them. If I have posted on every DOTA2 themed subreddit on reddit, there have been almost no people during all this time. I also joined pretty much every DOTA2 themed discord server you can find from google that has more than 100 users, but still failed to find anyone to play with from all of these places.

So what about the rest of you? How did you find someone to party queue with? Any advice you could share on this topic?


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