How to fix an underpowered archetype #4: Warriors

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What's Wrong?

Much like the underpowered deathwish archetype, Warriors isn't just some neglected backwater archetype; it's practically a third of all Skellige cards. It was Tier 1 for a long time, but in the last 6 months or so it's failed to keep up with powercreep and has fallen by the wayside. Before we talk about Skellige warriors, there are some matters to consider:

  • Their playstyle ranges from medium to heavy control.

  • With easy access to raid cards and control tools (Skjordal and Hjalmar) they can make the game unfun by removing everything.

  • There are several variations, and they can synergize with nearly every SK leader except Battle Trance.

  • They aren't severely underpowered, so only a few minor buffs is likely enough to push them back into relevance.

  • Although their gold pool is decently varied, their bronze pool tends to be over-represented by certain staples: Brokvar Hunter, Greatswords, An Craite Warmonger.

Given this, I think there are really two problems with warriors. First, they are too weak. Second, if they are buffed in a lazy and short-sighted way, they'll make the game unfun.

Thus, I'd like to propose the following changes for warriors:

  • Warriors should have more nuanced interactions with their graveyard. There should be bronze cards that increase base strength, giving more value to Harald, Fucusya, and Sigrdrifa's Rite. These cards are strong, but the graveyard carryover also makes them vulnerable.

  • Currently, there's really only a handful of viable targets for Harald: An Craite Marauder and An Craite Greatsword, as well as Brokvar Hunter in a pinch. I'd like to see greater variety in Harald targets. Deciding which target to rez should be an important decision.

  • There should be more motivation to play An Craite Raiders in R1. It's such a bad R1 card that I usually treat them as discard targets in R1. How about giving them something like: "Deathblow: Increase this unit's base power by 1"?

  • Warriors should make more use of the Veteran tag. In particular, I'd like to see something with Veteran 2.

  • Importantly, there should be several variations of warriors with varying amounts of investment into graveyard carryover, self-wound, removal, and discard. Usually, variety = fun

  • All decks should have a weakness. It doesn't have to be a huge weakness, but a deck can't be all around unbeatable. For warriors, the weaknesses should be graveyard hate and a long round versus engine overload.

  • Certain cards have become powercrept. Hemdall in particular stands out.

  • Removing the Warrior tag from Morkvarg as well the absence of warriors in the WotW expansion diminished the value of Blood Eagle.

  • To avoid making Warriors excessively oppressive, CDPR should avoid making Raids excessively strong. Also, pointslammy bronzes should be added that compete with Raids for low provision slots.

What do you guys think?


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