How to frustrate a ganker

So last night I wanted to have fun with a ganker that was roaming near Jameson memorial and I thought that if he chases me, then other players will be safe for a while. So I headed to Shinrarta with my PvP FdL and as soon as I jumped in the system he was there waiting.

Immediately he tried to get to my back….but I played around for quite a while…without letting him interdict me. After a good 10 minutes of chasing, I decided to let him interdict me and engage in a short fight.

He had a hull tank chieftain with fixed multi cannons.

I tried to fight a bit with him, but recognising he was quite good and probably better than me, I decided to give up the fight but not until my shields reached 5%.

So I let him chase me around, although I made it very difficult for him to hit me.

Then I decided to go in super cruise instead of escaping completely and I could see he was starting to get frustrated that he couldn’t kill me.

So he decided to follow me again and tried to interdict me again. And again I kept him entertained for a while…but then

When I got bored I escaped to another system….wasting completely his time.Priceless 😂


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