How to get out of 3k/ low behaviour score hell.

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I am at the time of writing this post legend 3 with 3.4k mmr. I have been gaining alot of mmr and have 55% winrate on 600 games over last 6 months. I mostly a bit every role but mostly 4/5. I feel like 3k players understand the game but they understand it wrong. In games I always do what will most likely win game, i dont play for score or stats. As a suport i will happily trade my life if we get more in return. Or when I have a carry in my team who needs farm I will happily tank the ganks or show on map to shift the attention to me. However my 3k teammates dont seem to understand that and are only focused on my score and my farm and I get reported for that alot.

When I play carry I am often underfarmed. After laning phase pos 3/4 will take too many waves and camps and I wont have enough items, resulting in me not having much impact and a bad score. Usually this comes from a shit offlane pick like a hoodwink or weaver, who will build carry items and have reasonable score because I as the pos 1 get focused and am underfarmed. Usually when this happens I give up on the carry role and just build blink and go tank build. No matter if its win or lose, i get reported for no items or bad score.

There are more scenarios in which I think I am making the right play but my team will still flame me. (for exampling midlaner gets picked off but my team will still run into fight and feed while I told them to back and got out)

It feels like no matter what role I play I get reported, and sure im just a 3k scrub i make lots of mistakes and bad plays, but with a 55% winrate over last 6 months my playstyle was clearly working.I used to be at 7k behaviour score but in the last 3 weeks that has dropped to 3k behaviour score resulting in me getting even more reported than I already did because of very toxic players and griefers. Most of the time I will not talk back but I can admit sometimes I am toxic too. These players throw all logic out of the window, when we have a shadow amulet player sitting afk my teammates would rather flame all game long and report a player who is still trying to win than a griefer/feeder.For guys who are not familair with low behaviour score, nothing has to happen for someone to feed/grief, it happens in atleast a third of my games where someone will die once and go shadow amulet, even if we are winning. Its just a cycle where I feel like I cant get out of no matter what. I play every game in the same shadow pool with the same players who flamed and reported me last game, and will do so again just because they recognize my name.

How do I break this cycle and get back to normal behaviour score?


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