How to not get a burnout because of thrown/ruined games?

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Hi, I am very upset with one of my last games, I feel like games being throwed are an issue, and I feel like I need to talk about this.

Match ID: 6200662591


  1. I am also human, not a very polite one, but not a toxic to be fair. I tend to trash talk, but this is mostly a controlled burst of emotions rather than me insulting people.
  2. I have 2k hours in Dota, watch many educational content and try to learn how to play better, this means that I am trying to be serious as much as I can
  3. This game was played at Crusader II (1800 MMR) with my behavior score being 8100 (decreased fast because I was a bit toxic last couple of games, had 2 power outages and 1 internet outage. Straight to the point – I play mostly at 10k, but this game at 8k has no difference at all with the one at 10k behavior score. 8k means that toxic games are more likely to occur rather than at 10k
  4. This post is not 100% error free, I am not a native speaker English isn't my best language, but I know enough to write posts about some guy losing a game (<– this "might" be true)

Picking phase:

Pos 1 sniper first pick, Pos 3 CK. Not much to say, only that we will have no space, no teamfights before 20 min and that we most likely lose some lanes.

My decision to pick SS -> I am comfortable playing SS, I know that he is currently "Meta", I ranked up 800 MMR by just spamming him, straight to the point. I thought SS would be a great hero to try and "solo" win the game by creating space and chaos on the map with early orchid.

Game :

I got destroyed mid, If you watch the replay you will probably get the idea that I was very upset with my performance, even though I got my boots + orchid at 14 min mark. But my pos 5 did not like the fact that I had a bad score, and decided to throw the game by selling items and buying amulet (necro did the same after a couple of minutes)

First, why do people rate players by score? every 50% of games a mid player loses, is is safe to say that 50% players losing are the worst? I think not, my idea is that you need to judge people by their impact they (can) have on the game. At 14 minutes we could gather up and destroy 5v5, but convincing my pos5 was impossible because he stated "Go end quick, I need to get up early in the morning, I go mid".

After that nothing is important because you understand that you cant win a game 4v6 and that your game that you could win (according to graphs) is being ruined.

How do you guys deal with these people? Why can't people just play serious in ranked roles, why do I need to pray before every single game to have 9 nice players to play with?

I think valve need to change something, even though the developer told that the matchmaking is fair, I think that there is something behind it, something that decides before the game whether or not I should win. My sniper got 400 games, my pos5 is farming role queue games and tends to throw (opendota information).

Matches ruined: (why is he not banned????????????)

  • 6200540753 (right before my game)
  • 6198184028 (yesterday)
  • 6194316870 (4 days ago)

I stopped at the 2nd page, this was already enough for me to get very upset… 🙁 – This game where he is playing SS, even though its more than 5 months old, I want to compare it. He played worse than I did. Why does he have to be so toxic, he didn't throw that game, why can't he imagine someone throwing, but he is willing to if he wants to? In different words, why is this guy not banned?

I would like to read your opinion on this matter, maybe some critics, some tips how I could play better this game (I am not perfect). Negative comments are welcome as well. I understand that this topic is very sensitive due to me not having a good word cloud. But I ensure you guys, that this game is not thrown because I trash talked in the beginning of the game. My trash talking began after the 25 min mark when I "politely asked" my pos5 to start playing

Just please keep the racism out of this, I truly believe that this game being played at a Russian region is not what caused this guy to throw, even though I know that Russian people tend to be toxic.

This post is helping me to solve an important dilemma, because I feel really upset after every single game I lose because of other people (and myself) that do not want to have some fun in an online game.

Should I Leave Dota and never play it again, or do I need to understand something important about this game that will allow me to have fun while playing these games?

Thanks to all who are willing to help with this "emotional" discussion post!


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