How to overcome the fear of Solo raids

Hello, i bought the game a few weeks ago, nearly a month now and I mostly play with a friend.

Due to my life right now (moving to a new home) I can’t play every single day and I know Tarkov is a game that I need to play consistently to get better, I really enjoy the game and my friend are really get into it, more than me but he also have more time than me.

When I have time and start play Tarkov with my friend I just want more and more, I really don’t care if I lose gear but when he is not playing with me I really can’t play.. something about playing solo doesn’t work for me.. I think the fear of get a jump scare from a bullet out of nowhere scares the s*** out of me.. so I basically walk around looking every direction and when I find a PMC or a Scav I don’t really think straight and die so stupidly to simple things that in the next minute I regret and then instead of play again and get better I go to YouTube or Twitch and watch Tarkov and then I only play when my friend is available..


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