How to play against a tanky offlane and fed enemy carry?

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I recently played a jugg game where the enemy team last picked PA, and my midlaned insisted to last pick so I let him take his invoked 10th pick, he did proceed to win the laning phase but didnt really have any impact early or mid game. So the enemy team owned my sk and tusk offlane and the pa started to snowball, I wasnt snowballing but for my rank I know how to efficiently farm then most so as a response to that after mael, mom and sny I went for an mkb + shard to try and kill the pa. Meanwhile their enemy mid who lost mid went on to play with their offlaner and kill my pos5 over and over which resulted in their centaur getting a good lead in items. All in all I asked my pos4 tusk to build a vessel, he did not, neither did anybody else respond. Anyways the pa would end up dying but we would end up 3v1 against a centaur who we physically couldnt kill even when he was diving our t4's. What should I have done? Was mkb a bad pickup regardless of the pa snowballing? Should I have prioritised for skadi? Any input would be great.
Team: Jugg, Invo, Sk, Tusk, pugna(pos5)
EnTeam: Pa, Void Spirit, Cent, zeus(pos4) and grim(pos5)

Side note: I got flamed by my team for being a dog shit carry even though I was ahead of my projected net and I would participate in everything because we were behind in gold so I couldnt let them 4v5 AND I tried to yell at my team to not fight if I had omni on cd.


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