How to Reduce Hacker numbers.

Region lock China
Fucking stop buying roubles with Real money.
Doesn't matter if you're incompetant, or you don't have enough hours to farm roubles. If it's required for you to Real World Trade (RWT) to play this game with gear, please, learn loot runs, and how to make money. You're ruining the game for everyone else by funding cheaters.
YOU purchasing roubles goes directly to the pockets of cheaters and hackers.
Start treating cheating as it is; an actual business. Most of the time it's someone who is cheating for a an income/livelyhood. And even if they aren't. they bought the cheats. It seems it is profitable enough that banning an account will just result in them purchasing a new one. With cheats, they can make the money back with RWT fast enough that the ban is more like a speedbump than anything else.

"rEgIon LoCK cHiNA"
There already is one. VPN's exist, and while illegal in China, it's not going to be caught as they aren't on government affiliated software. Also a VPN can spoof your ping to the server. Whilst the ping from Asia to a US VPN is probably 200, the BSG Servers themselves will see a local connection. Also VPN's change IP's swiftly, so you can't IP ban the VPN. Region lock isn't stopping shit.

"JuSt mAkE gUd AntICheAt"
Anticheat is a constant arms race against the cheat developers. You cannot, for the most part, pre-empt the cheats; only fix them in a hopefully timely manner when they do appear*. If you want to do your part, find the website host for the cheat providers and send them an email informing them that the service being provided on their servers violates BSG's ToS, and/or real world laws.

*Speed this up, report cheaters with client log file.

We've all seen the Chinese names in lobby with Doyu and a string of numbers. These people are mostly getting three paycheques:
1. Tips, from viewers. Can't do much about this one.
2. People buying Cheats. If you visit a friend and they have a cheat client, slap them and their gaming rig with a chair repeatedly.
3. People buying Roubles. Stop fucking doing it. Stop. Fucking. Doing. It.

Cheaters is business. Real-World-Trade bad. Regionlock ineffective. Stop buying Roubles, Assclowns.


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