How to win if team is relentlesly feeding?

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Now you tell me, how do you carry this game, relentles feeding and loosing of all lanes, despite the fact I killed shadow fiend mid, then he called his buddies and warded jungle which i dewarded alone, got 14 min e blade and they had 17 kills fed i can't believe what are people in 4K thinking I dont understand what is this, Only way for me to win is to literally go smurf, because I have lastpick, i owned mid took 2 towers completly alone, and they just dont stop feeding, they lost 4v4, sven showed up at the end to final push..

Match ID 6109725696 please share tips because this is impossible thanks!

evean I cant win this game, what would you guys do tell me please, sf just went to other lanes and killed everyone while i took towers i dont understand why are people so low its baffling to me that they cant play safe untill i have e blade and push as 5, 25 minutes 27 kills fed to enemies, 3 from my side

Any top 10 immortals, please tell me what the fuck is this

I evean ask sf how did he got such good team mates and i got these feeding shits it feels impossible sometimes!


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