How well do you think the ship launched fighters would handle in atmosphere?

So im sitting here getting my car washed thinking if i had a fighter, how fast could i get around the planet? Then i was wondering since we operate them in vacuum, how well would the fighters operate in atmosphere? I suppose the first question is whether or not they are even rated for atmospheric flight. But assuming they are, here were my thoughts. Mind you, i knothing about aviation or flight mechanics.

The condor wouldnt be ideal, as the hull has that slant to it, and no counter aerodynamics to compensate, so i feel like it would be pushed downward constantly. Unless the bow thrusters could provide the stability? Still would be a bit of air resistance there tho, wouldnt it?

The GU-97 seems very capable in atmosphere because of what i would imagine are better “wings” than the condor. Again, would be relying on thrusters for maneuvering, and those wings arent perfect, but i can see it succeeding.

The taipan i can imagine being the best overall. That folding wing design has to help with directional control, and is the slimmest of the three.

What do yall think, any experts here have any thoughts?


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