How would you improve 7.31 Dazzle?

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I'm a Dazzle spammer, and I saw that the 7.31 Dazzle rework has gotten a mostly negative reception.

I'm personally fine with the new mechanics for the most part, but I think it needs more work before it can reach its full potential.

My biggest gripe I can think of is that while the new mechanics incentivize spamming your spells as often as possible, the spells are way too expensive to keep that up, and you can easily run out of mana in the middle of a teamfight.

I think this could be solved by either having a flat mana cost for all abilities (like what they did to Shadow Wave), or by giving Good Juju some kind mana cost reduction.

It could be either passive mana cost reduction% per level, or spells cast under Good Juju could give stacking mana cost reduction% buffs, so the more you cast in rapid succession, the lower the mana costs get for a short duration.

Another gripe is that the Bad Juju active feels kind of underwhelming. I think a good improvement would be to make it refresh poison touch. This would make posion touch much more effective lategame, because you could refresh it without having to get close and right click people.

How would you improve on the 7.31 Dazzle mechanics?


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