Huge turnaround from where my game was a few days ago!

Some time last week I went on a rant complaining that overnight my game went from being normal to not loading at all, getting error messages left and right, 10+ minute queue times only to get error 201, Anticheat loading failed etc.

I tried reaching out to BSG who asked me to check things with my ISP, and they said everything was fine on their end. Researched a ton of stuff, none of which worked.

I upgraded my RAM today from 8 to 16, and HOOOLY crap what a difference it made. First of all, I can actually get into a raid and play the game, which was impossible this morning, and second of all, all those micro stutters and lag I'd experience are completely gone, the game is smooth as butter from the time you load till the raid ends, plus I load into a raid in about 2 minutes.

Who would have thought it was something as simple as RAM. I know a few people here suggested it but I wanted to hold off since it's the one option that required money, but I'm glad that's all it was in the end.

See you in Tarkov!


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