I always wish games like this had some kind of building mode you could activate that would disable inventory limits

This isn't really about Valheim specifically, but any resource-gathering game with a significant building component. I'm at the point where I've been in t Black Forest for a bit, I'm building my kiln and smelter and forge, and my cozy little house isn't really cutting it anymore. I kind of feel like I need to start over and redesign the whole thing, and that even sounds fun, except thinking about having to shuffle things in and out of chests as I break things down and rebuild feels complete exhausting. Ditto reorganizing storage – my chests are a mess, but I shudder to think about trying to empty them with limited inventory slots and carrying capacity, so they stay a mess and I can never find anything. I wish I could just activate some mode where all I can do is build, and while I'm in that mode I can carry whatever I want with no restrictions. Is there a mod that does something like this? Barring that, what's your strategy for managing inventory while building and reorganizing?

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