I am 100% sure the game gives you counter matchups

witcher gwent cards

I had the feeling for a while when you get counter matches for a funny meme interaction

Felt kinda weird to get exactly a counter, which is rarley played, to a deck that is already rarley played

But now I'm certain it does give you counters.

I'm was playing Monster Hyperthin. Yes Monster Hyperthin. A bullshit meme deck, which is not bad just a funny meme deck which is never played
Playing since beta and have never seen it.

Now guess what I got as a counter….
Monster Mill.
Monster Mill.
I mean normal mill would have been a counter but it's played quote a lot recently (not as much as the beginning of the season but still you come across it every now and then)

But monster Mill. Come on CDPR. If you wann give me some safe looses after a winstreak at least make it less obvious that you are with such a troll

Yes Monster Mill.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/ph865l/i_am_100_sure_the_game_gives_you_counter_matchups/

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