I am at my wits end.

So, today in Valheim I accomplished the following:

  • Built a longboat.

  • Sailed toward where Bonemass is.

  • Found Bonemass, right on the coast so I could sail directly there.

  • Immediately died upon landing because it was nighttime and I landed right next to multiple spawners. Items lost: all my iron gear and my spare portal materials.

  • Put on my bronze gear and sailed my karve back to where I died so that I could get my stuff.

  • Went to my grave, which was floating in the water, and didn’t have room in my inventory for everything.

  • Got killed by leeches while rummaging through my items. Items lost: all my bronze gear, and at this point I have no ranged weapons left.

  • Immediately got raided by trolls upon waking up naked at my main base. Died multiple times until the raid ended and they left. They smashed all my beehives.

  • Put on my old trollhide gear and built a raft to set sail once more.

  • Landed on a patch of black forest midway there so that I could build a base that was a bit closer and have a place to sleep through the night.

  • Ran out of wood and got poisoned to death by a shaman while trying to get more. Items lost: a set of trollhide armor.

  • Crafted some more trollhide armor.

  • Decided to built a second karve to make the trip a bit easier since the raft sucked. Landed back at my unfinished base and finally built a bed. Got my original set of trollhide armor back.

  • Sailed back to where Bonemass was so that I could hopefully get my stuff back this time.

  • Died again.

At that point I gave up and decided to stop playing for today. I am just so goddamn frustrated. I currently have 1 longboat and 2 karves stranded in the swamp along with at least 2 full inventories of gear in my gravestones. All my gravestones are floating in the water surrounded by leeches. I have no iron or bronze armor left nor do I have the materials to make more. I have completely mined out the iron in the 3 crypts in the swamp near my base. Honestly at this point I think my only option is to give up on the gear I lost and just make more bronze armor and explore a new swamp to get more iron. I mean what else can I do? It’s not like I can fend off the leeches and draugr in trollhide armor long enough to get my stuff, especially since I’ll be constantly unequipping my weapon when the water gets too deep to stand. I feel like I just lost several days of progress within a couple hours.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mb13jo/i_am_at_my_wits_end/

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