I am doing Massacre missions wrong ?

Hi guys,

I'm currently near Shinrarta Dezhra in a system with only one target for massacre missions. Don't remember well the name as it is composed of numbers.

The thing is, missions give max 6m for 50 targets. If I stack enough of them I can make something like 50m in one or two hours with the bounties.

It's not much compare to some people I've red here. Well I'm not especially grinding money but I feel like I'm not getting much for the financial risk I'm getting with my corvette. I'm never really in danger but still that bother me a little.

Most of my money came from tourism (few years ago I had a good spot for that) and trading. I'm just trying to enjoy fighting more while doing profit in the same time

My system where I take mission is in economic development, does it has to be in war or another particular state to give high rewarding missions ?

Thanks in advance

Fly safe

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