I am so excited for this update and can’t wait to have all my friends back online for the first time in months. What is your favorite memory from the first play through?

New Valheim update

This game truly brought me peace when the rest of the world was in chaos and I just can’t wait to be back listening to that black Forrest music.

I’ve somehow convinced all of my friends to clear their calendars for tomorrow night and we are gonna boot up a fresh server and play together again for the first time in months.

I’m just hoping and praying to Odin that the servers are working and we get a stable update tomorrow.

Who else is going to be playing for their first time in months tomorrow?

What was your favorite memory from you and your buddies first play through?

Mine was probably the night we finally built our first big boat and sailed across the high seas and listening to that music as a squad.

True Peace.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day playing this Thursday.

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