I believe that keys don’t spawn in scav pockets but only in bags

Title says it all. I believe that the whole "keys spawn in pockets as well as bags" thing is a myth.

For context, I've been playing endless scav raids and farming scavs on factory for my money between the last three different wipes, killing hundreds of them (pre karma), and not once did I ever see a key spawn in a pocket from someone that wasn't a player. On top of this, of every scav I've done in my last three wipes I've never once spawned in as a scav with a key in my pocket. They're always in my bag. From everyone I've heard, including my friend, they say that they've found them in pockets before, but I just can't understand how.

I scav pretty much between all my raids and have never encountered a natural key spawn in a pocket before. Does anyone have evidence of such a thing? Always seen them spawn naturally in bags.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/oxdaa1/i_believe_that_keys_dont_spawn_in_scav_pockets/

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