I build + teammates ignore = me purposely losing

Im making a promise from here on out that if half of my teammates dont participate im going to make the mission lose. I know it's messed up for those who do help but im not giving anymore free rides. This is a coop game. Not a "let's do evacuate the shelter, you do everything (including the start) as i farm and find stuff for my side missions".

This game isnt hard. I may of spent a quarter of my resources on a mission and purposely lost it but guess what!? I can get all that back plus more by doing a single build the radar or survivor mission.

Im done with the selfishness of other players. If you were with me in a mission that i failed i hope you are mad that you wasted time and didnt get what you wanted done.

Note: i have yet to purposly lose a mission where a teammate actually helped build around the objective.

Note2: since i have all of my major challenges done i only play to get my dailys and help other players. I may want to get a daily done but it is well worth the sacrifice to lose and give the laugh emote on the end screen if you didnt even take a look at the objective.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/p0s8wi/i_build_teammates_ignore_me_purposely_losing/

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