I can only play this game with one of my kids because the other is colorblind :(

I just started playing this a few days ago and the first day I downloaded it I was having so much fun! My 10 yr old and I played together and had a blast. I asked my 19 yr old if he had played Among Us. He said he had with his friends and I said “It’s so fun right?!”.
Fast forward a day and I realize there’s no way he can play the game….. He’s red/green colorblind so blue and purple are both blue. Green Is white. The kid thinks peanut butter looks green so I’m guessing brown is green to him. I felt so bad for even asking him!
So I asked him about it yesterday and apologized for even asking because I felt bad and he told me he tried playing with his friends but when he was trying to do the wires (before they added the little shapes)it was taking FOREVER and got called sus when he just can’t see the difference.

Anyone red/green colorblind and able to play?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/kk0617/i_can_only_play_this_game_with_one_of_my_kids/

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