I can’t believe I have to mention this at this point

I have to address something about this game…As much as i wanted to grind in the old days i feel there is no point at all because, firstly literally every person from 50pl and more have all mythic and are the only ones that have 130 not even godrolls….why would epic allow players that are so low power to have these guns??????? its been like 2 and half years and I see people in the few stw streams that have left to still beg for msk carry and usually they try to bribe him by offering 5k sunbeam cause its probably the only thing they have when duplicating was a thing, even the most dog water player can have a mythic, the problem with me its not just that, is that they miss use the power of it, like if you are going to use the most op weapon in the game at least godroll it or make a build with heroes 19 out of 20 times these guys only have one max hero IF they have evolution mats.

Those guys think the higher the rarity something is the better, my 2 eyes have seen a lot…once i saw a guy having ONLY mythic heroes in all his slots imagine a grenadier Ramirez commander with a zenith ,a steel wool Syd and steel whool antonym in the same loadout.

Secondly this game is more dry then the Sahara dessert in terms of content, even BR at least releases skins, in stw you get one hero reskin not even a unique character.

They recycle the same content and when i say the same i mean it they don't even bother to change a challenge out of the game mode. Dungeons are half of the year and every time they come they have the exact same challenges with the exact heroes with the same old runes but they just change the ticket currency that's all, i have seen this yarr event 3 times already, frostnite was good but because they made it impossible without stall building they made it easier then ever(so easy that it could be solo cleared)yeah sure they were bringing different rewards every time but they brought the same modifier, hit the road had ok rewards but the exact same game mode nothing special, Blockbuster nobody cares any more your heroes are useless (like anyone plays the quest for the dialogue) and chrome huskys are just annoying and i will comment something small about ventures, the game mode is ok but it a tiny problem all the players that are interested play and max ventures the first week and after then it has more dry lobby's then your content (besides an encampment, resupply and eliminate and collect mission) and just because 108 missions in ventures are impossible to make through since you can never find quartz for traps you are forced to jail build which means you promote your own exploit. I am not even going to mention why I am pissed we don't have a twine story line

Thirdly the meta hasn't changed at all since storm king which brings an opportunity to emphasize in my first point, the game has become so difficult when you are not spamming traps everywhere and have to waste more then you farm but people don't have all day to play so they just duplicate… but this is another story for another time, the only weapons besides rpgs that are relatively effective in 140 zone top is pulsar with a build and art deco ar with sledgehammer and Zenon bow, the only effective loadouts for these levels are only dragon slash, teddy and minigun and that's below 124 zone, everything else is just to useless or has way to much time restriction for the damage it does, in result 25 out of 170ish heroes only get used, do you see the problem????,its the same problem with team perks only happy holidays, blast from the past and rockin riff. Since I mentioned about team perks i want to add that there was a time when I didn't had waffers or the team perk and every single youtuber was doing a weapon review with the perk I didn't had and it was frustrating to not be able to COPY THE BUILD!!!!!!

I don't think i need to address more problems then those, I have more topics of discussions like endurances, or stw being exploited for only vbucks from players that don't know anything but expect everybody high level to just carry them, I personally was the guy that had to carry everyone when i barely knew anything, duplication and how it affected the game, scamming and many more.

Let me know if you guys agree or have anything to add, or I am just whining, I cant be the only one that believes these are not problems, I don't expect immediate action but epic we have this problem for 2 years+ how many devs it takes anyway to at least ad a restriction use for mythic weapons below 122 but when it comes to realizing packs you release even a trailer

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