I can’t believe i’m saying this.. but the context pointing in update 8 looks HELLA dumb.

https://youtu.be/D4kD09I5nyY (48:30 mark)

Yes yes.., another “ungrateful gamer” thread, someone who put plenty of money into odyssey and cosmetics feeling entitled to an opinion..

That animation seems completely unreasonable. You’re telling me you could have either had..,

Lore friendly advance AI targeting system in the visor, that can just mark things in center of the screen…

You physically lowering your gun with your right hand, and using your left hand to point…

Put your entire fucking gun away, slowly point, and pull your gun back on.

Do this; just make a finger gun with your right hand, hold your palm with your left hand. Like you’re holding the mag. Now task yourself to point at something. How do you do this?

>! I put money you simply moved your right hand/finger gun to the side and used your left hand to point ahead: Flipped if you’re left handed!<

I do not think, you just.. put your entire fucking gun away, look back up, point. And finally pull your gun back out.

This was an animation that a dev was told “make a pointer animation”, and without care for context on what that’d mean they made it. For how shooter focused the odyssey update is, this is a real anti-shooter animation. Who the fuck .. made that!

Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for new content. But that animation was so lazily implemented/ thought out. It’s infuriating. How could you fuck up an animation like that, THAT bad.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qfl0bu/i_cant_believe_im_saying_this_but_the_context/

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