I can’t enjoy the game anymore because of russian players

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I know it is wrong to say russians are ruining the game and everything two of my friends already quit the game and I feel lost too, I just had a solo rank game in the ancient bracket with 4 russians in my team.

I play the game on EUW and I choose english as speaking language no second language, now I am in a game with 4 russians talking russian to each other, I always say "pls eng, this is euw" then I get answers like "fuck you." yes this is something every russian seems to know in english, often also similar things like "fuck america" like all english speaking persons come from america?

I can't play the game anymore how I think it supposed to be.
A team that communicates is like 1 in 100 games.
The only games I enjoy currently are the primate party games, but it is difficult for somebody who just playes 1 or 2 rounds a day to be online in the exact time or in the mood like your friends.

Man, I would wish just 1 button before you que euw "You are queing euw, are you willing to communicate in english?" No -> maybe pick another server or preset language.

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