I can’t play this game anymore because losing makes me cry internally

witcher gwent cards

I deal with a lot of horrible shit in my life and the beautiful art and colours and creativity of Gwent drew me in

But every time I lose (which EVERYONE does in Gwent I know) I feel this overwhelming feeling of confirmation that I’m just not good enough in life, and that permeates to every aspect of my being.

I’m not good at anything, and losing at Gwent reminds me of that, I can’t take pride in anything because I’ve never accomplished anything despite a lifetime of trying.

So I’m afraid I’ll have to stop playing, but my love for the beauty of the art remains, and I love sticking around the reddit reading with interest all the fun things people post ❤️

It’s just, Gwent was the final straw that broke my motivation to pursue anything anymore. I’m in a really bad place, I’m trying to find peace 😔

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/nseq4j/i_cant_play_this_game_anymore_because_losing/

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