I didn’t notice how demanding Dota had become until my graphics card went out and I had to use my old one

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I upgraded my pc right after lockdown started up and I'd play Dota fine. I'd even have videos up in the background for music while I played. Two weeks ago my graphics card shit out on me so I had to go back to my older card, no worries I can play dota and wait for the card. Nope….stuttering like crazy on the main menu, I remember people talking about this and how you can go to the shop to help with lagging there so I tried that. Got in a game hype first dota in a few weeks….my game cant even load the versus screen before the game loads. Eh that sucks lets play though, nope then I am playing the game at like 80% speed while everyone else is normal. Ok well at least I picked someone who can shove lanes and hide off map so I can help something. First teamfight happens and I go to it and holy aegis my game legit froze for 8seconds when invoker tornado meatballed and then every fight I went to after with 3+ people my game would lag similarly. Sadly we lost my team 3v5 tried to rax with no aegis and I couldnt do much to defend in my current situation. Bots matches still play fine so I guess I'm stuck there for any games for the time being. In the end I guess I'm just getting at when did this game get so much more demanding? Getting 1 frame every 7-8 seconds when I was just playing fine on it 14 months ago really showed a difference. For those that will say the card is having an issue…maybe. But what about all the other games I play that have had 0 issues and are higher quality and faster visual changes?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/ozd2tx/i_didnt_notice_how_demanding_dota_had_become/

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