i died to a scav. thats ok, thats not the issue.

whats the issue is that i was in inventory when i heard him. i exit inventory and the game stutters for 5 secs, the scav player pushes me and i die just as the game miraculously comes back to life. i die, its ok. i dont care for the loot. i dont care for the death. what i care is that i pumped his chest with 5 rounds of bs ammo and the naked BARE FUKING CHEST doesnt die. and as im doing this fuking post, the game still had me listening to the fuking scav looting me and healing up. i mean, you wonna save cash in not hiring decent developers fine. but for fuck sake, dont save cash on the fuking servers. its not enough that the FPS part in the game doesnt work properly, we have to deal with cheap servers too? todays tweet they come out with "oh the servers are slow but its not our fault", like yes it is. thats like if i rent a renault twingo to get from point a to pont b and i then i say "hey man, its not my fault i took 3 hours for the voyage".

PISS POOR MANAGEMENT SKILLS EVERY WHERE. from what to develop, to what to fix, to what servers to use… god damn, if there is an example of "how not to do shit when game developing" its for sure BSG the prime example…

im still in the raid btw… with a black screen, i just confirmed. 11min 36secs… goda damn.
what is going on behind the curtains that alt f4 or killing it in task manager takes longer than exiting the fuking game?!?!

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