I done

I’m going to take a break or possibly quit. After 500 hours I’m done. For me what killed it for me is that after every patch the game seems to get worse. Every single patch is just more bugs. The scav ai change is just horrible. I fear 7mm pellets from 200m than anything else. The FIR status change is okay. I would rather it only effect the market not quests. Which brings me to the main topic. The quests oh dear the quests. They are so boring. Like why am I grabbing Croutons for some woodsmen. I’m playing as a former trained militant why tf would I waste my time on this. Most of the quests are just suicidal fetch quests. And with FIR status changes the gunsmith quest are just “spend 600k for xp”. The deva just keep wanting to add stuff without fixing the game. Like I can guarantee that streets of tarkov will be unplayable. I bought the game wanting a realistic survival looter shooter but the gun fighting is lowkey just COD. Strafe shooting and jiggle peaks. At least dropshotting isn’t a thing. Armor is useless. And even with a face shield I’ll just get one tapped by a scab 200m away with a shotgun. And my favorite maps like labs and interchange have been overrun with speed hackers, though I do realize the devs are trying their best to fix it. Overall I don’t see my self playing this game again. Though that could change on release.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/inb760/i_done/

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